Tuesday, 2 August 2016

[Review] Play Monster K from Kendama Europe

This one is a BIG Kendama.
We have reviewed another beatiful biggie before , from Krom Kendama but Play Monster K is even bigger than the Viking.
Packed beatifully , with a spare string and a leaflet with the basic Kendama tricks illustrated , the Play Monster K hits you with the dimensions and weight .

Built from european beech wood , there is nothing to complain on build-wise.
On the back of the box we have an age limit, you'll have to be 14 years or older to be playing with the Monster.
Once you drop the tama (ball) a couple of times the age limit makes  sense.

Hello everyone! I'm a big beatiful Kendama!

So that's the presentation, how is the Monster performing then ?
I'd say it does very well .
As Kendama Europe states on their infopage regarding the Monster, this one is excellent for practicing those new tricks with, or performing with.
What strikes me once again with Kendama Europes products is the paint on the Tama.
It just wont chip at all, which i really like.
This is one of the key elements for Play Monster K as well.

A few weeks  of hammering tricks, paint still sticks.

So the final verdict then :
How long played with:
3 weeks.
First impressions, out of the box:
Classy package, spare string included is always a plus, and the leaflet is nice as well.
Big is the word, new dimensions to the Kendama - ism.
Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
As stated earlier, a good Kendama for learning new tricks with due to the huge dimensions. The Kendama string is elastic, just a bit. Most likely this was a design choice to prevent the string from breaking due the weight of the tama.
This fact does not affect the tricks negatively though.
A clicking "Thanks " to the crew at Kendama Europe for having Androidistica doing this review.